Jennifer has been grooming since she graduated from the Midwest School of Dog Grooming in 1993.  She is also certified in CPR for animals, has trained dogs in obedience and has gotten titles in obedience, therapy and K 9 good Citizen.  She is the proud mom of two great dogs, Ernie the Golden and George the 'super mix' (perhaps a Plott Hound).
In 2004, she founded Pet-A-Cure  to provide a more intimate grooming experience where dogs could form a long-term relationship with their  groomer.
Jennifer truly values the bond she forms with her clients.   She believes all dogs need to feel safe and know they are in the gentle hands of someone they can trust. 
Our Team
Jennifer Holzman
Rose became a certified Bather after working here a few years, knowing this was her calling.  She has worked with dogs for over 25 years.   She has worked and also managed two veterinary offices for over 15 years and has had her own dog sitting business for the past 20 years. 
Rose has a knack for helping dogs feel calm and at ease.  She takes pride in making their bath time a truly pampering experience.

Rose Rivera
Owner and Head Pet Stylist
Assistant Manager/Bather & Handler
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